A Product Development Firm is Born:

In the Beginning:  From its humble beginnings in 1993, IDEAS INC. has always been committed to excellence in design and quality manufacturing. Unlike most Product Design and Development firms, IDEAS INC. matured from a Mechanical Engineering firm into a full-service Design and Development organization. Our roots in Mechanical Engineering provided us the unique perspective of "bridging" concept to manufacturing. Even after the envelopment of Industrial Design and Manufacturing we haven't forgotten this experience, which provides an unparalleled advantage to our customers. Industrial Design is now an integral piece of the development process at IDEAS INC., but it is certainly not the only force behind a successful project. Because of this strong engineering foundation we are inherently better suited to provide turn-key Product Design and Development solutions than traditional design firms.
Core Values:

Our Mission: Provide intelligent and valuable product designs. Deliver time-compressing solutions for development, including rapid tooling and contract manufacturing. Be a profitable and dynamic company driven by the power of innovation, guided by the compass of our beliefs. We will introduce new services and products, always ready to out-think and out-perform the competition - for absolute customer satisfaction.

Our Beliefs:
We are agents of change, for ourselves and our clients.
Partnerships with our customers are critical to our mutual success.
Our People, procedures, and standards are the key to the process. Consequently, we recruit, train, and promote only the best.
We believe work is opportunity.  All employees are encouraged to learn, grow, and have fun.
We treat our people like players.  Each is involved, empowered, and accountable.
We foster an ethical environment where openness, integrity, hard work, fair compensation, innovation and diversity are prized.
We abide by the Golden Rule.

Teams Work:
Not only do teams get things done but they get things done successfully. From day one until project completion we include a representative from all disciplines. A typical team includes industrial designers, mechanical & electrical engineers, manufacturing personnel, and of course, the customer, all lead by a dedicated project manager.

By getting insight from the entire team up front, you can immediately work towards a product that not only looks great, but that can be easily manufactured at the lowest price - the first time.
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