Complete End-to-End services: We firmly believe in controlling, not simply managing, as much of the development process that is economically feasible.  This approach allows us to achieve milestones and quality rarely delivered by a sub-contracted development method.  To that end we have grown, not acquired, our service offering.  While it may not be possible to be "everything-to-everyone" we have struck a balance between the critical path functions performed in-house and commodity services, like rapid prototyping.

Featured services:

Industrial Design
Project Management
Rapid Tooling
Injection Molding
Contract Manufacturing


Founded as a mechanical engineer firm, our breadth of experience combined with expertise in using the latest engineering tools and technologies assure you innovative engineering in the quickest and most cost effective manner.  A team of hand-picked creative thinkers who foster originality through continuous growth, come armed with the latest technology and a world-class facility that enables them to convey the exacting details from our industrial designers without compromise.  Our people are schooled on the vitality of customer satisfaction.  They cherish the concept that a mechanical engineer's mission is to bridge industrial design to the reality of the manufacturing world.  Therefore we readily work as a team with our partners in industrial design and manufacturing.

To that end we offer the following services utilizing tools such as Pro/E, I-deas NX & SolidWorks:

* Product Design
* Solid & Surface Modeling
* Mechanism Design
* Materials/Process Recommendations
* Polymer Selection
* Metal to Plastic Conversion
* Production Documentation

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